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The Closing Process During Covid-19

Metro Title Trust/Raymer Law Group is here to help you navigate the closing process during this unprecedented time. Multiple closing options are now available to protect the health and safety of our clients, agents, office visitors, and employees.


Traditional Office Closing

  • Agents and loved ones who aren’t signing stay home (or remain in their cars) during the closing.

  • Clients can close in separate rooms and bring their own blue pen, mask, gloves or other items to make the closing process comfortable.

  • Clients can elect to have a third-party power of attorney sign on their behalf at closing with lender permission.


Mail-Away Closing

  • We typically email documents for mail-away closings but can overnight documents upon request.

  • You are required to have a notary and a third-party witness present when you sign.


Closing by Video Conference

  • All signers must be in Georgia when the video conference closing occurs.

  • Buyers and sellers must print all closing documents and must have a computer or smartphone with video-chat capabilities.

  • Clients still physically sign all closing documents.

  • If the client doesn’t have printing capabilities, paper documents can be sent.

  • If this is a loan or refinance closing, the lender must approve that this option is utilized.

Here to Help

As always, we are here to help make the closing process as smooth as possible. Contact us to get the process started.

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